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Damian Berrili

Damian Berrili is a highly skilled woodworker who has dedicated his career to creating stunning and unique pieces. He started his journey as an apprentice building competition-grade billiard tables and spent 13 years honing his skills in this area. During this time, he worked for both Pot Black and World Class Billiards and gained a broad range of skills, including wood machining, wood turning, upholstery, french polishing and 2pac spraying.

His love for natural edge timber began when he was introduced to live edge slabs, and he knew that this was the direction he wanted to take his craft in. He embraced the beauty of natural materials and combined this with modern techniques and materials, such as resin, glass,metals and acrylics, to create truly unique and innovative pieces.

He is now working with Paul Mathieu, an industrial designer, and together they are exploring new possibilities and creating pieces that have never been seen before.

With his years of experience and dedication to his craft, Damian Berrili is a true master of his trade and is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Paul Mathieu

Paul's career as an industrial designer spans over 35years.

The majority of that time has been spent as a consultant designer developing industrial, medical, and consumer products for Australian and International clients.

Paul's current day job is Head of Design for a US based developer and manufacturer of Telecommunications equipment for both service providers and end users.

Paul also continues to maintain a selective consulting practice that allows him to apply the lessons learnt designing and manufacturing a variety of products to projects of special interest.

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